Kinder Ark is a group of three pre-school centres located in and around Paarl.  We have branches in Courtrai, Simondium, and Val de Vie Estate and have been nurturing young hearts in the Boland since 2009.

Our philosophy is to nurture the beauty of individualism as each child has unique needs and capabilities. We are a dynamic group of women who strive to teach children about respect, purpose and love for our Creator who provides for us abundantly.

At Kinder Ark pre-school we aspire to care for and foster each child to become a well balanced young individual with character and strength of mind. 

We aim to create a learning environment where we can discover together.  Children and educators share in each other’s enthusiasm, living everyday with gratitude and joy. We sing, jump and play purposefully. Indoors and outdoors we encourage children to strive towards a healthy body, mind and soul. Through our play-based, child-centred education we teach life’s most valuable principles. With our exceptionally formulated programme we support the development of multiple intelligences promoting a holistic approach to education.

We hope for each child at Kinder Ark to enter the world with plenty of confidence and heaps of appreciation found in the small delights of every new day.

Annalizé Blake   Contact:  Email click here   Phone: 082 8790702

Annalizé Blake

Contact: Email click here

Phone: 082 8790702

The stories that has been written in the sand by the children playing under Kinder Ark Val de Vie‘s trees are beautiful tales of imaginative worlds and endless possibilities. At Val de Vie we offer children a safe environment where they can explore and discover nature in a secure surrounding. Here we can appreciate the majestic mountains and beautiful vineyards framing our playground. We believe in simplicity and quality of education and promote play in all its wonderful forms. We encourage individuality within our creative learning programme, which is continuously built upon by loving teachers to cater to every child’s individual needs.
— Annalizé Blake - Val de Vie headmistress
Children are like tiny flowers; they are varied and need care, but each is beautiful alone and glorious when seen in the community of peers.
— Friedrich Froebel