About Us

“Teaching children is my purpose.  The development of children fascinates me.  Creating an environment where children can learn and grow to become extraordinary people has always been my dream.”

In 2008, a dynamic local preacher, Pieter Barnard, envisioned a preschool as part of their church.  Very uncertain about the outcome, we pursued the opportunity and in January 2009, Kinder Ark Courtrai opened its doors to 63 children.  By March that year, we reached full capacity and since then we struggle to keep up with demand. By 2012 we had the opportunity to start a new venture on Val de Vie Estate.  In January that year, Kinder Ark Val de Vie had 19 children enrolled, and today we are operating a full day care facility for 100 children. At the beginning of 2015 we opened Kinder Ark Simondium on the premises of Simond Private School.  Kinder Ark Simondium is a quaint little farm school that provides full day care for 46 children.

 Our facility on Val de Vie Estate became too small to accommodate the ever growing demand for quality education, and in October 2016 we moved to a state of the art premises that can accommodate 140 children.  The new school is situated in the magical setting of Val De Vie Estate and offers spacious, well equipped classrooms with huge outside play areas.

Our passion

Children are our passion.  We teach because it is our purpose. At Kinder Ark, your child is the heart of our business.  Our goal is to nurture the beauty of individualism, we teach to serve others and we learn to love our Creator.

We are a group of young, dynamic teachers who are constantly developing creative ways of teaching children in a playful and loving environment. The souls of children inspire us to be innovative, motivated and focused on quality education.

All that we are and what we do are under the protection of God.  His Grace and Love for us is celebrated in our lives.   We live by the promise in Deuteronomy 11:14, “I will give you rain in your land in his due season, the first rain and the latter rain, that you mayest gather in thy corn, and thy wine, and thine oil.” Put your trust in Him, He loves you.

Madri Steyn  - Kinder Ark owner

Madri Steyn - Kinder Ark owner